A brief word about our company and services -

At Hi-Tech, we have engaged in many activities over the years providing data systems solutions to a widely varying mix of clients and customers in widely varying ways.

  • We have developed software components and systems in projects ranging from a few hundred to a half million dollars.
  • We have sold hardware components as well as integrated software and hardware systems.
  • We have developed and operated a major service bureau operation.
  • We have provided consulting services.

We have always been small, quick, efficient, and flexible, but we think big in terms of making sure our clients and customers receive dependable value for their dollars.

You are invited to view two of our sites ....

  • Fuel-Net (tm) - Th is site is actually obsolete, as we are no longer engaged in our Fleet Fuel Management service bureau, but we are leaving it online as an example of both one of the things we have done and also as a sample Web site.

  • WebDev - Web Site Development. This site is not obsolete at all. If you do not have YOUR site online yet, or need help with the one you have, this site's for you. Check it out ... see how Hi-Tech can get YOU on the World Wide Web NOW.